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Radio Frequency Microneedling: Feel the difference


Lisa G has been a trusted authority for skincare in Portland, Oregon for 13 years.

Her five star reputation can be found on Google Business.


Together, you'll create a personalized routine to help you correct damage, alleviate skin conditions, and develop a natural, radiant glow.

Text/Call/ Email Lisa to book 
(360) 619-2319

Normally $1500 Package of 3 or $600 Single Treatment

Why we use the Instensif RF Microneedling machine


Body & Face
The perfect solution for treating skin laxity, texture and pore size. Lifts and tightens your skin while producing more collagen

Patient Comfort
Gold-plated tapered needles require less passes per treatment, for shorter treatment times and greater comfort

Full Depth
Unparalleled 0.5mm to 5mm Intensif needle penetration depth reaches the entire column of targeted dermal tissue

Some skin types are sensitive to laser treatment, which is why so many people are moving toward RF microneedling.


The intensif machine has a deeper needle penetration depth compared to other products. Radio frequencies are used to focus energy past the point of needling, leading to more efficient delivery throughout the targeted dermal tissue and better results overall.


Bailey French

I started seeing Lisa to heal adult acne and wrinkle prevention. Every time I see her I’m more impressed. She is knowledgeable in aesthetics and answers all my questions regarding a what she’s putting on my skin, why, and what it does but she also takes my treatment further.
She has a holistic approach to skin care and walks me through potential other irritants to avoid (synthetic mask material, harsh laundry detergent and inflammatory foods). Since I started Lisa, I have received more compliments on my skin than ever before. I highly recommend her for all skin care needs.

Nicole Irish

Lisa is incredible. She’s knowledgeable and uses the best products, top of the line. Her space is beautiful & peaceful. The experience, treatments and ambience are impeccable and I have been to many places.

I struggle with hormonal acne and she has helped a great deal. Great improvements. I did tons of research and saw many people before her, she is the best!

Jorian Merill

Lisa changed what my idea of a guy going to an aesthetician really looks like. I was nervous to say the least, but the second I walked in, all of that was immediately dissipated.

The atmosphere is beautifully peaceful and serene, and Lisa herself is not only incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, but very VERY good at calming you down. I will absolutely be coming back for services as I continue to age.

Overall awesome experience every time I go. Highly recommend.

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