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Lisa G Skincare
Located in Portland

Established in 2010

Practicing skincare is natural for me, from a very young age I became obsessed with my skin and keeping it healthy. I personally struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation well into my 30’s. The disappointment of trying one product after another, expensive doctor visits and empty promises of miracle treatments has given me empathy for those who deal with difficult skin conditions. I understand the helpless feeling and frustration that goes along with trying to achieve healthy skin and feeling that nothing will ever work.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, helping them learn about their skin and how to take care of it. I will help you improve the condition of your skin and maintain it in the best, most cost effective way for your budget and time. There is no quick fix, it is a process of getting to know your skin, what works and what does not. Understanding that truth can be the hardest part!

I believe spending money on regular skincare services and superior products to be a wise investment not a luxury. We go to the dentist the gym the doctor, skincare is just as important. People spend enormous amounts of money eating unhealthy food, buying makeup & fancy shoes,  purses, etc. Your face is the first thing people notice, if your skin is unhealthy no amount of bling can hide that!

Lisa G

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