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Laser Hair Removal-Portland

Call or Text Lisa at (360) 619-2319

What can I expect from Laser Hair Removal?


I will do everything I can to give you the best results possible. On average it takes 6 to 12 treatments to clear an area.  Some people will experience faster clearing based on hair color, area, genetics and hormonal status.  Others may be harder to clear for all of the same reasons.

Lisa G uses Alma Soprano XL Diode Laser

Operating at a wavelength of 810 nm, the Diode laser is intended for long-term reduction of unwanted hair, excelling as the gold standard for hair removal systems. With advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time. The cooling technology of the cold sapphire tip minimizes the risk of burns on the skin surface while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Contact Cooling increases patient comfort, making treatments more comfortable than ever before.

  • Small Area - brows, lip, chin, toes, etc. $100.00 

  • Medium Area - cheeks, underarms, bikini, etc. $150.00 - $250.00

  • Large Area - brazilian, upper legs, lower legs, chest, abdomen, forearms, etc. $250.00 - $350.00

  • X-Large Area - full arms, full leg, full back, full front, etc. $350.00 - $550.00

  • Male brazilian - $350 (and up)


*Consultation required - prices are per treatment and will be determined at your consultation. Multi-area discount considered.

Call or Text Lisa at (360) 619-2319

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