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RF Microneedling-Portland
Non-insulated gold plated RF microneedle technology with Smooth Motion insertion for optimal comfort and results

What is RF Microneedling?

Radiofrequency with microneedling stimulates the skin's ability to produce collagen. You get the benefit of both modalities, microneedling combined with the energy of radiofrequency.

Problems RF Microneedling Helps: 

  • uneven skin texture

  • large pores

  • fine lines and wrinkles 

  • skin laxity

  • acne scars 

  • stretch marks 

The most common areas treated are the face, neck & décolletage. Although it can be used on almost any area of the body.


RF microneedling works by creating a very small amount of damage to make the body think it has been wounded. This in turn stimulates our body's natural wound-healing response. The result is new collagen and elastin. (Translation: lifting and tightening!)

Aging along with other factors (mainly sun damage) breaks down our body's ability to produce collagen and elastin and slows down the rate of production. Procedures like RF microneedling slow down and even reverse this process, helping skin look and act younger.


Pros and Cons of RF Microneedling:


  • Efficiently take advantage of two collagen production stimulating treatments in one session 

  • All skin types/colors can be treated with low risk when administered properly 

  • Minimal downtime/similar results compared to other modalities such as laser resurfacing 

  • The treatment can be performed on almost any body area

  • Benefits include skin tightening, smoothing, fading scars, and diminishing stretch marks 


  • Requires 3-5 treatments, four weeks apart

  • Can take up to six months to see your final outcome  

  • Even with numbing cream, you can experience some uncomfortable sensation  

  • Risk of hyperpigmentation for darker skin tones 

Separate Focused Radio Frequency Handpieces


My machine has several separate handpieces delivering focused radio frequency without needles. Enabling treatments to be very specific to your skin concerns. 

For example, the eye and neck area can be pre-treated with the RF handpieces followed by the RF microneedling treatment. Alternatively, the face and neck can be treated with the RF handpieces for a totally needle-free facial with zero downtime! 

The RF technology of this machine delivers energy deep into the dermis with minimal surface heat, which means minimal discomfort. 

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

RF microneedling treatment normally takes 60 to 90 minutes. The skin will be numbed for 30 to 45 minutes, cleansed, and disinfected. During the treatment you may feel a warm, prickling sensation that can be somewhat uncomfortable. After the treatment, a calming mask and serum will be applied. You will be given instructions for at-home care as well! Most patients have little downtime, but it is common to have pinpoint bleeding and mild swelling directly afterward. This is expected and should resolve itself in a few days.

When Will I See Results?

Your skin will begin looking brighter and smoother approximately two weeks after treatment. Improvement will continue with each treatment. As your skin begins to produce more collagen and elastin it gradually looks more plump and firm, and fine lines soften and diminish. It takes about six months to see full results.

Like any skin revitalizing treatment, RF microneedling is not permanent. Results last one to two years, depending on how each person's body responds. Overall health, nutrition, previous sun damage, genetics, and at-home skincare routine all play a part in your long-term results. Think of it like working out, we don’t exercise once every 6 months and expect muscles to form! It takes dedication and consistency. Your skin is no different!


  • Intensif RF/Microneedling Package - 3 Treatments for $1,500 or 1 Treatment $600

  • Add neck and chest $200 

  • Add hands $80

*Limited-time special offer!

Text or call Lisa at (360) 619-2319

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Intensif (1).jpg

Patient Comfort
The Intensif’s unique gold-plated tapered needles require less passes per treatment, for shorter treatment times and greater patient comfort

Fractionated Pulse Mode delivers even, consistent, and controlled energy flow over the whole pulse width for safer and more effective RF energy delivery

The Intensif’s unparalleled 0.5mm to 5mm needle penetration depth and non-insulated needles provide efficient delivery throughout the entire column of targeted dermal tissue

Body & Face
The perfect solution for treating active acne, acne scars, stretchmarks, deep wrinkles and improving skin texture

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